Basic version with animations in Głubczyce during Polish Open U17

During Polish Open U17 tournament in Głubczyce young players had the opportunity to use improved basic version of FLYEYE instant review system.

The tournament lasted 3 days. Our challenge system has been installed on the main court. Young players and referees had the opportunity to use video verification.

54 matches were played on the main court during which 79 judges' decisions were challenged. About 1/3 of challenges were successful.

On average, players received response from the system in 23 seconds. 76.19% of video verification lasted less than 30 seconds.

The system was monitored by a representative of Badminton Europe. We hope that we will receive the Badminton Europe recommendation and the system will be used across the Europe.

Below you can see how the results of video verification were presented in the hall during the tournament.