System tests during Yonex Polish Open 2019 tournament

During the biggest badminton tournament in Poland - Yonex Polish Open in Częstochowa, the newest version of our challenge system was presented to judges and representatives of Badminton Europe and Badminton World Federation.
The system was installed for the time of the quarterfinals on court 3. Because these were only tests, the players were not able to use the challenge. The judges could verify the disputable situations and check whether the decisions taken by the line judges were accurate. Everyone was delighted with how easily and quickly one can verify the contentious situations on the court.
During such important competitions there are situations on the court during which the players do not always agree with the decisions of the judges. Thanks to our system, the leading judge can check whether the decision of the line judge was accurate and possibly change it.

We witnessed a situation during which the players could not agree with the referee's decision for a long time. At that time another judge checked in the system whether the decision of the line judge was accurate. It turned out that the judge made the right decision. Unfortunately, this information could not be passed on to competitors (because they were told they could not use the system). We hope that at the next tournament, Badminton Europe will agree to the official use of the system by players and referees.