The premiere of the basic version of the Challenge system

On March 3, 2019, the basic version of the challenge system was used for the first time by the players.
To meet the expectations of the market, we have created a simplified version of the challenge system.

From the full version differs in that the decision about whether the shuttlecock was in or out made by a judge based on the video recording analysis.
Judges have a special application thanks to which they can easily and quickly find the moment when the shuttlecock hits the floor and verify on which side of the line the shuttle fell.
How the system was accepted by the players can be read on the portal pages

Players liked the system, because in each match instead of repeating the rallies, it was possible to immediately decide whether the judge decision was good or bad.
The player and badmintonzone editor - Magdalena Kojder on her own example has seen how much this system means in modern badminton. Let us quote her words - 'In the finals of the category 35+ doubles, where the match was very close to the end, we had the certainty that the challenge system would, in a way,' keep an eye on justice ' on the court. And that's how it happened: in key moment of the match - at the state of 15:15 in the third set - this system just showed that the shuttlecock was in the court. '